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Having a healthy, beautiful lawn can make a residence or business’ landscaping really stand out. But what about the health and care of your plants, shrubs and trees?

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your landscaping, so let Julington Creek Pest Control help you protect it with year-round care for your ornamental trees and shrubs.  Our ornamental programs are comprehensive in nature and focus on three main areas – fertilization, disease and insect control. Our highly trained and professional staff will treat your ornamentals like their own, servicing them  with highly-effective products tailored specifically for your yard and landscaping needs.

Florida’s milder climate, is predisposed for thriving insects, fungus and diseases which can devastate your prized landscape.  From the early spring, through fall and winter, our tree and shrub program makes the most of your plantscape with controlled-release, granular fertilizers for continuous feeding of both micro and macro nutrients, as well as preventative and curative treatment for insect control and disease.

Comprehensive Outdoor Treatment

Julington Creek Pest Control’s fertilization, insect and disease control service includes regularly scheduled visits and can be bundled with our signature turf management program for a comprehensive program at a nominal additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about how you can have that outdoor living space of which you’ve always dreamed.

  • Prevent/control endangering insects.
  • Apply granular shrub fertilizer.
  • Treat fungus & disease.
  • Fully-equipped trucks and qualified technicians to treat most any problem.
  • Provide thorough consultation and inspections upon request.
  • Provide detailed notes after each treatment.
  • Interested in comprehensive landscape treatment? We've got you.