At Julington Creek Pest Control, our turf management and ornamental service plans are developed to provide your lawn and shrubs all the necessary nutrients to look great and thrive in all conditions. Using top-quality products we offer longer-term control and benefits to your turf with less stress or tip burn. Our fertilization programs are tailored to your lawn and feature granular and liquid applications which provide the proper balance of nutrients needed for the appropriate season and conditions on site.

Due to the tropical environment in North Florida, some pests like chinch bugs, mole crickets and sod webworms are prevalent almost all year round.  Julington Creek Pest Control is keenly aware of this and has developed as part of our routine service, safe and effective controls against these potentially devastating lawn pests. These programs are also designed to control pests such as fleas, ticks and ants – pests that may not directly damage lawns and shrubs, but can be nuisances just the same.


Weed control and prevention is critical to maintaining a healthy, thriving and greener lawn. At Julington Creek Pest Control, we know proper management practices that encourage a dense, thriving turf are the best method of weed control.  Healthy turf shades the soil so sunlight can’t reach weed seeds ready to germinate. A thick turf also minimizes the physical space available for weeds to become established.

There are several management practices that will promote a healthy, dense and naturally greener grass. As part of Julington Creek Pest Control’s customized service, a management program that includes pre-emergent weed control is carefully planned and coordinated to ensure the most effective results for our customer’s lawn.


  • A call the day before to let you know we're coming to service.
  • Fully-equipped vehicles and expertise to treat even the most difficult issues.
  • Pre-emergents & weed control (Including Crabgrass!)
  • Granular slow-release fertilizers with micro/macro nutrients
  • Insect, disease & fungus control


Julington Creek Pest Control can also protect your family from existing and new-colony fire ants. TopChoice from Bayer offers the lowest-dose, non-bait in a single application which, when professionally applied, affords you year-round protection. So take back your yard! Call us today to learn more.


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